About us

Calvary Chapel Brasov is more than a church, it’s a family. A family of believers who are learning together what it means to follow Christ. We are glad you are interested in learning more about our church. We invite you to explore our site to find out more about the people who go here and the Christ we serve.

Here’s some of the things that are important to us.

Authenticity – We are not pretending to have it all together. If you expect church to be a perfect place full of perfect people, then Calvary Chapel Brasov isn’t the best choice for you. We are full of broken people who Christ is putting back together in order to create something beautiful.

Relationships – Your relationship to God and your relationship to others and your relationship to the world around us. Jesus summarized how we are to live with two simple commands. That we love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and that we love others as we love ourselves. We believe we can best learn and serve in community. Let’s spur one another on towards love and good deeds as Hebrews 10:24commands us.

Growth – We have people in all different points in their Christian journey. Some are brand new to the faith and some are mature believers. We even have those who have yet to commit their lives to Christ, and are simply here exploring what Christianity is all about. We want everyone to be growing in their faith and taking the next step to grow closer to Christ. We provide opportunities for everyone to grow and serve and learn. As we follow Christ together, we become more and more like Christ in our thoughts, character, attitudes, and actions.